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Hey everyone! Meet the crew, aka. Daniel and Joey

  • Daniel Baker
    Daniel Baker Big Man on Campus


    Daniel Baker’s journey started when he was 12 years old. With his new found passion in film making Daniel made it his life’s goal to craft his art in cinematography and editing. Taking his skills to the field Daniel aims to make his mark in the film industry on Vancouver Island. Directing, editing, marketing, is there anything this man can’t do? (Still struggles to open a jar of pickles)

  • Joey Laliberty
    Joey Laliberty Other big man on campus


    Joey Laliberty very early on has been fascinated with the art of film. With his imaginative mind and driven attitude Joey is always ready with a creative idea. Need to start thinking outside the box? Call this guy.  This aspiring filmmaker seeks to be known in the local Victoria film community and we think he’s got what it takes. Coupled with skills in writing, cinematography and marketing nothing can stop him! (Other than brick walls)

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